Job Crafting: Turn Your Current Job into One You’ll Love!


A couple of years ago, my kids were really into this video game called Minecraft.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it. In the game, you are in an imaginary world and have the ability to use different materials to construct houses, caves, and a multitude of different things.  People love the game because you’re able to use your imagination, tinker around, and come up with new and exciting creations.


You may be surprised to hear that you can also use your imagination to “craft” a new job. In fact, there has been a lot of research done on the concept of Job Crafting that can help you create a strategy to make your job more fulfilling and meaningful.  


What is Job Crafting?


In essence, Job Crafting is a process where someone can take a systemized look into their job to identify what they don’t like about it, and then try to find ways to increase their job satisfaction by decreasing the parts that they don’t like and increasing the parts that they do like.


How do you do it?


Start your endeavor by doing an audit of your overall job.  To help you with this, I have a Strategy Guide that takes you through an audit process to help you find what it is about the job that you don’t like.   


Once you’ve identified what you don’t like about it, think about ways that you can restructure your job to make it more enjoyable.  For example, if you’re unsatisfied with your job because you feel like the lone wolf at work, stop eating lunch at your desk and start building relationships with those around you.  Research has said that there are three main ways that you can job craft:



  • Task Crafting: This means you make adjustments to the responsibilities of your job to make it more enjoyable.




  • Relationship Crafting: You change the nature of your relationships at work.




  • Cognitive Crafting: You consciously make an effort to look at your job in a different light to make it more meaningful.  



Does Job Crafting Work for Everyone?


No.  Obviously, we all have different levels of flexibility in our jobs.  But you’d be surprised how much it can make a difference. If you’d like to start crafting your job, use these questions to get you thinking about how you might change it?


  • What are the tasks that I least enjoy in my work?  


  • In what ways can I adjust them to make them more enjoyable?


  • How can I develop better relationships at work?


  • How can I make the work I do more meaningful?


So, if you find yourself struggling in your job.  Work with it a bit, you might find it a bit more engaging just by changing a few things.  Please share any tinkering ideas you have in the comments below.

Click here to watch a great video on this topic!

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