Personal Best

Out of the Shadows

By: John Salow   Today I had a revelation….As I was reading an article by a coach that I admire, Rich Litvin, I noticed that I haven’t been as authentic in my previous blogs as I would like to be.  You see, when you read Rich’s articles, you hear from Rich.  You get to know…

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Morning Routines…Why Bother?

Mornings have always been my personal enemy. I believe the author Rachel Caine expressed my deepest feelings about mornings when she said. “Mornings are pure evil, from the pits of hell which is why I don’t do them anymore.”  Unfortunately, I cannot adopt the last part of this quote, so I needed to find a…

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What Does it Mean To Be At Your Personal Best?

Do you compare yourself to others?  Many of us today find ourselves looking at what other people have.  We look at their relationships, we look at how good of parents they are, we look at how successful they are in our careers,  how much money they make, the way they dress, how fit they are,…

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